About us

WEUSETV (acronym for We U.S.E. TV or "We United States of the World TV or - in short - "We use TV") is a web video aggregator. The platform, currently in Beta phase, was born from an idea by Andrea Giovannini and was created by a team of young fans of programming, web video marketing and digital media. Our operational base is Livorno, Tuscany.

What we do

Our mission is to provide advanced tools to meet the growing needs of a wide audience of users: on the one hand, the creators of online video content and on the other hand, the users of such content. After years of market analysis and platform design we have been able to create the first real "social video network aggregator" in the world that we present for the first time in its Beta release. Currently we have been able to concentrate on a single platform video from Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion (Facebook does not grant the necessary permissions at the moment). We want to expand the platform in many ways and have many ideas for the future. That is why we need your support. Your feedback will be very valuable to us to direct the functionality of the portal towards the satisfaction of your needs.

How it works

  • Subscribe to the platform via email and password or log in with the major social networks you are already subscribed to and, after setting your preferences, you'll have your own profile on WEUSETV to customize and be able to start as a basic user.
  • Start importing your channels from any network through the automated procedure and you will gain the qualification of video creator, thus having access to all the features that the platform offers.
  • Integrate your profile by creating your own multi-network playlists. In this way you will have at your disposal your personal "virtual video library", available both from your smartphone and from your PC, where you can finally store videos present on more than one platform.

Why should I use WEUSETV

While the global market for web services is expanding rapidly, the market for video and video marketing is expanding even further. All the main signals show that the video will be the next to have the role of protagonist in digital marketing, thus unhinging the ordinary TV from its return as queen of the media. In this market context, WEUSETV is a real "social video network aggregator" able to facilitate two different types of users: creators of video content and users of online video. Already at the current stage of the platform both types of users will benefit from multiple services, many of which are absolutely innovative and not covered by the main video sharing platforms. In particular, users will be able to:

  • Follow their favourite "multi network" channels by monitoring their heroes through real-time notifications, just using a single platform
  • Help their favorite video creators to increase their popularity in a variety of ways (voting for various content, sharing content of interest to them on major social platforms etc.)
  • Easily search - with the help of many filters - all the content of interest to them on multiple platforms
  • Create real multi-network playlists, places where you can collect your favorite videos by genre or any other sort of differentiation criteria

The creators - in addition to the already mentioned features dedicated to users or basic users - will also have the opportunity to:

The creators - in addition to the already mentioned features dedicated to users or basic users - will also have the opportunity to:

  • Import with a click your own channels/playlistst/video from any of the 3 platforms considered
  • Have a showcase that displays all their channels/video/playlistst/ regardless of the platform or channel in which they were loaded/created, improving the indexing in an organic way

Planned future features

  • Receive donations from your fans
  • Personalized gadget e-commerce for each imported channel with the possibility to easily configure produtcts and sell them to your followers
  • Having statistics - both general and detailed by channel/media - so that you can constantly monitor the trend of your popularity and evaluate the main variables on which to leverage to increase your brand
  • Use a blog to talk about their creations, producing content that will make it easier to identify the media to which these articles refer
  • Receive points - based on their actions - through the badges provided by the platform, which will allow them to increase their visibility (and not only) as they climb the general classification. This would be the first example in the world of gamification on a video platform)