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Gmail Theater: Why Use Gmail?
more_vertGmail Theater: Why Use Gmail?
Gmail Theater: Why Use Gmail?close

Gmail Theater: Why Use Gmail?
Four benefits of a Gmail told by puppets. Learn more at .

Gmail Theater: Act 2
more_vertGmail Theater: Act 2
Gmail Theater: Act 2close

Gmail Theater: Act 2
The In-Boxer
Watch how Gmail conversation view helps organize your inbox. Learn more at .

Gmail Theater Act 1
more_vertGmail Theater Act 1
Gmail Theater Act 1close

Gmail Theater Act 1:
Attack of the Spam
Gmail's great spam protection in action...puppet action, that is. Learn more at .

Gmail Theater: Act 4
more_vertGmail Theater: Act 4
Gmail Theater: Act 4close

Gmail Theater: Act 4
Chat In The Name of Love
See how Gmail's built-in chat can help avoid an awkward situation. Learn more at .

Gmail Theater: Act 3
more_vertGmail Theater: Act 3
Gmail Theater: Act 3close

Gmail Theater: Act 3
The Isle of Lost E-mails
See what happens without Gmail's search. Learn more at .